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Rasilio 9 September Don't be fooled, it is most definitely a fairy-tale, and it does indeed have witches, magic, and utterly requires suspension of disbelief I grade movies on 10 components. Greetings again from the darkness. The 14 year-old in me is immensely happy that they're now able to make really good looking fantasy movies, and that they're all the rage, what with Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia making loads of cash at the box office. Occasionally it is over the top, though, when the dramatic context did not require it to such an extent.

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In truth, I hadn't either sort of.

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Anyone who says that Robert DeNiro is a one trick pony

Different from the book, but in a good way - less whimsical, more comical, still deeply sweet and enchanting. There were a lot of big films this summer, but none of them were nearly as fun as this one. There's a saying, "Not all dreamers achieve, but all achievers dream. They made records with names like "In Search of the Lost Chord," and wrote lyrics like, "Thinking is the best way to travel. As well the humor is never just over the top but simple and in the correct places. Sign in to vote.

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With just enough special effects actions while not over doing it, each part of the experience actually compliments itself. Any more than that and I'd be giving away plot info which is a a breach of contract, and b spoiling your fun. There's a saying, "Not all dreamers achieve, but all achievers dream. Having had my hopes thoroughly muddied by Transformers for my Fiction addiction, the previews of Stardust seemed appealing, but I was certainly wary. It is rare that I am completely taken aback by anything but this is quite possibly the greatest fantasy movie I have ever seen, maybe even the best movie of any kind and it is all Neil Gaiman's fault.

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