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In Yogyakartaon February23 LGBT activists were roughed up by police, who told local media they stopped them from holding a rally to avoid a clash with a hardline Muslim group holding an anti-LGBT protest nearby. Ministers publicised it during multiple interviews and videos during the LGBT pride celebrations. Should homosexuals be treated as a suspect or quasi-suspect class for purposes of equal protection analysis? Inthe capital city of Ankara banned all LGBT or LGBT rights related events, under the pretext of providing "peace and security", with officials saying that such "exhibitions" could cause different groups of society to "publicly harbor hatred and hostility" towards each other; on the other hand news media noted that the ban came in the context of the steady erosion of civil liberties in Turkey following the failed coup attempt. Views Read Edit View history. Sixteen percent said that their GP was not supportive.

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The court rejected to amend the law, and held that the issue was a matter for the Indonesian Legislature.

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National LGBT Survey: Summary report

Evans Boy Scouts of America v. However, a number of respondents to the optional free-text question used it to highlight negative experiences. Trans respondents were asked about their experience of accessing gender identity services. Hence the science of today doesn't accept the findings of those times. Clearly, we have more to do.

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Position of the political parties The 43rd Parliament saw a shift in political party attitudes to same-sex marriage. None of this is acceptable. Nevertheless, there are some rare examples of understanding and acceptance of the family of LGBT persons. Background Same-sex marriage has been on the political agenda in Australia for several years, as part of the broader debate about the legal recognition of same-sex relationships. What limitations does the Constitution place on ability of states to treat people differently because of their sexual orientation? The Court first considered the matter in the case of Bowers v Hardwicka challenge to a Georgia law authorizing criminal penalties for persons found guilty of sodomy.

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