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The gay scene is Thailand is vibrant and mostly concentrated in large cities e. It was never like we planned it or anything. But there was a first-string dude that I was buddies with where things used to happen. I never really did something with another guy, but I did use to watch two dudes I served with [in the military] mess around in the woods. It was a few days just before Thanksgiving and everyone had left campus to go home for the holiday, except for me and two other guys staying in the dorms.

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Not that I was anything to talk about because I mostly sat on the bench.

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Gay Thailand: Local Gay Stories

One time while we were hanging out, he shared with me that he was bi. This would be the first country in Asia to have this law Taiwan same sex marriage law has been rejected. We ended up messing around. Bargain well for prices if you are shopping in streets, markets but not at shopping malls and established shops! We started talking, and I got the sense he was interested in me. We really appreciate your insights and hope that it encourages our readers to feel safe, secure and confident when visiting Thailand! I was 21 years old and spent most of the summer working construction to make extra money for college.

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Transgender beauty queen pageants are held annually and broadcast live on TV. As with any tourists to Thailand, please beware of tourist scams e. Back then, I think I was just figuring things out and he was somebody to do that with. We ended up messing around. One time, he showed up to shoot the shit — you know, like to hang out. It was never like we planned it or anything.

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