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However, much of this is navigated in and through spaces of silence — of not being, not doing, or, as so many articulated, of the performativity of what is and what cannot be. It used to get to me. Just send me to the pen. Angel took the deal. As for the prisoners we have the pleasure of looking after, well, you get comments just like everyone else does. Qualitative Inquiry20 4— The Annals of the American Academy, 41—

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Today, Angel is on conditional parole, having served nearly eleven years of his sentence.

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Order by newest oldest recommendations. On the Discursive Limits of Sex. In particular, social class, race and gender operate as part of daily lived experiences of bisexual lives that are not always named, yet still lived and loved. From deeply felt first loves to avoidance of sexual activity altogether, men describe highly regulated sexual worlds in the carceral context. Alex announced his sexual identity loudly in opposition to a system fundamentally designed to represent him and other refugees as devoid of human identity. Considering what is at stake here, Alec put it simply: Get to Know Us.

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Alex became more socially isolated every day. The inmates, if they find out, wouldn't eat. Then, if the Corrections Officer doesn't like you, he'll check out your medical records. The inmates really run everything: Gay men ashamed of being gay, straight men feeling forced to pretend to be anti-gay.

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