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Please contact Georgie on to register your interest. There are many places much more isolated than Shepparton, but those two hours to Melbourne can still seem a long way. When I lived there, in the s and s, there were no gays in the town. We, the current committee, have been at it for 12 months! When HIV Australia decided to do an edition on people in rural and regional areas, I determined to try and find out what life is like for them. Sun 9 Dec Shepparton.

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STIGMA is a bold, confronting and dynamic live theatre and movement performance examining how stigma, prejudice and discrimination push those living with HIV to the margins of society.

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Cruising in Shepparton, Victoria

Outside metropolitan areas, the stigma around HIV makes disclosure virtually impossible. Download PDF flyer here. My perception is that people with HIV from around here go to Melbourne to access services. Statistics Total visitors: Hope for multiculturalism, found at home in a little city. Some of my earliest memories are of catching the train to Melbourne with my mother.

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Join our community to meet people and share experiences Sign up. Please arrive by Please contact Georgie on to register your interest. Unable to give your time? The idea that there might be real gay people walking among us was just beyond me.

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