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Celeste Tate, born William F. Come meet new people and connect with others. TransPride Day of Empowerment. Celeste died in after a series of strokes. Las Vegas Transgender c Dennis McBride, Background of the Transgender Community in Las Vegas Transgender people have long been part of Las Vegas history, even though they have usually been left out of the social and political development of the gay community, and have been far slower in establishing a community of their own. November 14,

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In Jane Heenan and a group of her associates aligned themselves with Equality Nevada to work toward more inclusive state legislation. November TransPride Day of Celebration. Whether a transgender community will blossom in Las Vegas in the same sense a gay and lesbian community has bloomed remains a point of debate. This event is [ The transgender club Zinger's, however, lasted only a few months at East Sahara Avenue. November 17, 7:

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Come meet new people and connect with others. November TransPride Day of Celebration. AB died in committee, while SB lost its transgender amendment in the legislative process before successful passage. November 16, Steele died on January 24, November 17, 7:

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