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I do like a couple of the personal blogs of a couple of the writers but I just never got into AE. We all know what you did- and you do too. The misogyny on this show reaches levels of epic proportion from the very first episode. River Song died the first time we met her, and we have seen her lots since because of timelines and things. I understand why you want to stay out of the messiness but you are appreciated. Or so I have been told as dyslexic person. Ned's principles of life.

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The L-Word or not.

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All 202 Dead Lesbian and Bisexual Characters On TV, And How They Died

Everyone on this list so far is cis to my knowledge, and there are plenty of trans woman characters I can think of who deserved better Angelique in Penny Dreadful as just one example. Stabbed with a cursed blade by a man, causing her to rapidly age and then die Tosha, The Wire Cause of death: Check the ETA Riese added. Oh,man half these shows I stopped watching before characters died and I am so happy i did. A later episode reveals that she did not survive. There are other lesbian characters in about book 4.

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Generations of shows later and it never ends. Not sure if they were a couple before they were vampired and dies together or not. I Feel Like Dying. I gave up around that point — just stopped caring. I mean I literally clicked and went through the bio of every queer female character listed.

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